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The little village with the superpower punch

Erik D'Amato cikke a Blog rovatból, 2008. június 5. csütörtök, 19:58 | 3 hozzászólás

[Ez a cikk Erik D'Amato vendégmunkásunk ajándéka ötödik születésnapunkra. Az akcióról bővebben itt olvashatsz.]

A decade before Kispad was born as Sesblog, the New Yorker magazine published a now-iconic cartoon with the caption "On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog." As with many such first-rate gags, there are several deep truths lurking in the joke. But the one that always stuck with me is the idea that, on the Internet, the only real limits to publishing excellence are taste, skill and what we Americans call "get-up-and-go."

While being Hungarian-disabled to the point that I can only vaguely follow the ongoing "village conversation," it's always been clear to me that Kispad is equal to or better than similar community/cultural blogs I run across in the vastly larger English-language blogosphere.

Though it always seems unusual when the underdogs come out on top, the story of how Kispad beat thousands of British and American "competitors" is not so mysterious. It's merely that the people running the show here are as good as any writers or editors anywhere, and have judiciously adopted those things from the outside world that are worth adopting, without sacrificing the things from closer to home that are worth keeping.

And perhaps thanks in part to the work of Kispad, the "Hungoweb" as a whole in many ways now compares favorably with its counterparts abroad. There is, for example, no general-interest portal with a national reach in the United States like, and the blog constellation it now supports.

So Happy Birthday, Kispad, and congratulations for being not only one of Hungary's best websites, but one of the best produced by any type of people, period. Unless, of course, the editors I've met were just a front, and it's actually a couple of Hungarian dogs back there…

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Peálen, 2008. június 5. csütörtök, 20:29 (#)

A great piece.


Author Profile Page NagyGa1, 2008. június 6. péntek, 02:56 (#)

I saw a very weird cat at Ervin's place though, looked really suspicious, a bit like The Boss kind.


Author Profile Page ervin, 2008. június 6. péntek, 07:11 (#)

Damn, we're busted.



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