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Tapir around the world

Ervin cikke a Hátizsák rovatból, 2004. március 14. vasárnap, 12:32

This page is dedicated to Tapir, an aptly named little tapir and his (or her, we really don't know) heroic struggle to get a life and make a world trip on his/her own.


This is him/her. Tapir is diminutive in size but more than makes up for it in style which could be best described as subtle elegance. As for the itinerary of the trip, we have no idea. That's because Tapir relies on friendly backpackers to transport him/her from one country to another and finally, back to Hungary. And this makes the route very difficult to plan.

UPDATE. What we know for sure is this: Tiglis took Tapir to Nepal, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia and Singapore. There (s)he was transferred into the caring hands of one Andy from Scotland, who is running free with him/her now.

If you know anything about or have a feeling for Tapir, comment here and let the other supporting fans know.

FOR TAPIR HOSTS - here is what you can do to help us follow Tapir:

1. Comment to this blogpost from time to time.
2. Write me at ses | at |
3. Send me a picture of you and Tapir to the same address.

Thanks much, we're excited to get the news. Oh, I should not forget to give credit to Firda in Indonesia who had a similar idea way before me, only she planned it by sending around a duck. I wish her success with the project.

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