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NagyGa1 cikke a Hátizsák rovatból, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 07:59 | 23 hozzászólás

[Ez a cikk Nagyga1 vendégmunkásunk ajándéka ötödik születésnapunkra. Az akcióról bővebben itt olvashatsz.]

Mivel Ervin éppen reménytelenül geek vizekre látszik evezni, ezért a Kispad házi geekje megpróbál kicsit enyhíteni a szorult helyzeten - különösebb kommentár nélkül.

(A szerző saját felvétele. Klikkre nem nő.)

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rhapsodhy, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 09:36 (#)

klikkre is nő marad.


lipilee, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 09:36 (#)

klikk vagy nem klikk, ez bizony nő!


mzperx, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 11:15 (#)

Azért ez a nő dolog arrafelé nem teljesen egyértelmű, bár hátulról elég meggyőző...


Pocakos, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 11:48 (#)

önkioldóval csináltad? ;-))))


Author Profile Page NagyGa1, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 13:15 (#)


Csak az a baj, hogy mióta ilyen testem van, állandóan a mellemet babrálom. :)


the model, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 13:19 (#) all the comments which this post seems to be garnering...just to clarify...(I'm hoping my translator was accurate)

1) I AM all doubt about it

2) Do you really think the photographer would bother with a self timer on the camera? No such luck, the photographer doesn't have that much patience and if he did, the shot would be very very different.


katmandu, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 13:23 (#)

Tell us more about the tattoo. As far as the lorez photo suggests, it's presumed to be a mermaid.


the model, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 13:46 (#)

Yes, she is a mermaid, a custom done by a guy is this neck of the woods. The mermaid took about 2 months to sketch out from initial inception of the idea to final product. She's suppose to be A LOT bigger but I thought it would be rather tasteless to make her any bigger.

She is a side of love of diving and the sea...and she represents freedom. If you think about the original mermaids, the Greek sirens...recall the affect they had on men? Uh oh...


katmandu, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 14:32 (#)

Well, ain't that cute? Wish there was a closeup of the image -- seems it's been decorated with green leaves (or seaweed). Neat job. Kinda few mermaids around these days. (Your best chance to meet Greek sirens is listening to police patrol cars passing by in Greece.)


the model, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 15:15 (#)

Hrrmm....k the blue leafy stuff was the artist's own addition. It's suppose to be water (I wonder what he was thinking). I was trying to explain to him that I wanted her sitting on a rock but he somehow couldn't get it into his head so I just let him buzz me with a needle. Funny thing, I fell asleep during the process.

The mermaid wasn't exactly for show and tell (ooppss). There are reasons for addition of her to my skin. I guess the photographer couldn't pass up the opportunity to immortalize her. I think the photo turned out rather well so I can't complain.


Author Profile Page ervin, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 16:15 (#)

(10) "I wonder what he was thinking" - maybe a better question is what he was smoking.


katmandu, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 17:36 (#)

"The Model" always trigger my Kraftwerk memories.
Mermaids trigger my Den Lille Havfrue memories.


the model, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 17:40 (#)

Yah know what, I was damned scared when he started because he was so pessimistic about how it was going to turn out. It looked as though (or should I say, smelt as though) he was smoking Marlboro Lights. As it turns out, my skin is the perfect canvas for permanent ink and the colours do come out nice and bright. I think he's hoping I'll go back for a few more but I think the one is enough.

BTW Ervin, do you know what the penalty for smoking 'elicit' drugs is here?


katmandu, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 17:41 (#)

You mentioned that this piece of artwork had been done by a local guy -- where that place is supposed to be?
Bali? Singapore?


katmandu, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 17:45 (#)

Oh, that suggests -- hard penalty on smoking, must be Singapore. They cut your head off on the spot in no time, or you pay a fortune or something :)


the model, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 18:05 (#)

Well, I think the penalties for drug use and trafficking are severe in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia...kind of their way of 'trying' to curb the smuggling that's so rampant in the region. Why don't you try and guess which country I'm in. And even if you do guess, I'm merely a visitor in the country. My origins lie elsewhere. Trixy...


katmandu, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 18:31 (#)

An embedded guerilla quiz. A challenge. Just as we like it here. But shudda get some hints -- otherwise we are but left trying to make guesses based on a curtain, a bed, a pillow and a nice piece of undergarment.


katmandu, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 18:33 (#)

(Those lying origins are trixy idd. We'd rather prefer origins telling the truth.)


Author Profile Page ervin, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 18:38 (#)

"shudda" - I shuddered reading this one.

the model (13), it's probably death penalty and maybe a couple of subsequent death penalties for the Indian population who believe in reincarnation so they would not be put off too much by just one.


katmandu, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 18:40 (#)

#19: Ervin, ezt nevezik kultúrsokknak. Vagy nem :)


Author Profile Page PAStheLoD, 2008. június 1. vasárnap, 22:12 (#)

The Internets demand hires photo(s) of this more than beautiful model ^-^


the model, 2008. június 2. hétfő, 04:17 (#)

(13) It is the death penalty. That'd be multiple death penalties for the Indian and Chinese populations as they all believe in reincarnation. It's a much of a muchness thing. =)

(17) & (18) I'm pretty sure you can figure it out. Lets just put it this way, there are plenty of expats around here and it's an equatorial country although I would never define this country as a country but more like a glorified city. That's a HUGE hint of where I'm at now...but not where I'm from.

(21) Haha...err isn't it better to leave some things to the imagination? The photographer asked so nicely if he could use this photo so I graciously conceded to the request.


ubank91, 2018. január 29. hétfő, 23:03 (#)




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